We increase your profitability
through Sales Tools and Consumer Analytics

Do you struggle keeping up with online stores?

Have you ever thought about competing with Amazon?

Do you worry about your overhead costs?

Have you ever had a marketing campaign flop?

Do you feel your customers deserve the best in-store experience?

What would selling high-profit items do for your bottom line?

Put Omni-Channel Technology to Work for You

The ultimate customer experience
Integrated Digital Solutions
Have you ever heard the saying that it costs 5 times more to attract a new client than it does to keep an existing one?

Our integrated technology helps you sell higher profit items, at a lower cost, to the customers that already love your brand.
Tired of losing sales to Amazon and other online retailers?

We build tailored, e-commerce platforms that integrate all channels of the customer. That means that the customer can buy online, in-store, or a combination of both!
Real-Time Customer Analytics
How well do you really know your customers? Could you say what exact age and gender they are? What about their emotional states while in your store?

With our technology, we’re able to show you this and more in real-time. This limitless information can substantially be fed into your marketing efforts so that you can attract the clients you are looking for.
Online Advertising
Tired of not seeing any ROI on your online marketing dollars?

We use specific methodology to drive more foot and online traffic to your store for minimal cost.

Why Integrate an Onmi-Channel Experience?

Increase in year over year customer retention
Of customers expect consistent interactions across channels
Of customers have used their mobile device to research products
Of customers desire a more seamless shopping experience

The best tool in your tool belt

High Definition Screen
State of the art technology designed specifically to engaged your customers 24/7.
E-Commerce Ready
Ready to safe money of staffing costs?

We’ve designed it specifically to be able to handle e-commerce checkouts.
Touch Screen
Advanced touch screen technology designed to be intuitive to touch
Powerful processing
Want more than just a regular sign?

We’ve design our system to have enough processing power to handle all your needs.

Real-time Customer Analysis

So You Understand Your Customers

Know key information like Age, Gender and even Emotional States all wrapped up in a personal dashboard!

Payment Options

Priced Around Your Cash Flow


Based out of Kitchener, ON. Real Time integrations is at the leading edge of provide clients with complete omni-channel marketing solutions.